Recycling can be confusing! Setting your family up for recycling success starts at home with your recycling containers. Check out this helpful video and our other tips and tools to make sure everything goes in the right bin – every time!

Five Easy Steps to Get Started:

Step 1
Repurpose or purchase two containers to collect trash and recycling. You can use an old box or similar shaped container, or purchase two new containers. Make sure both containers are side-by-side for convenience.
Step 2
Download and print the labels from Display them next to the bins so everyone can see what goes where. Line your garbage bin with a plastic bag, but your recycling bin doesn't need one.
Step 3
Repeat steps 1 and 2 for several rooms in your house, for example, in the home office, bathroom, or garage. Start recycling!
Step 4
When it comes time to take the garbage and recycling out, empty the smaller bins into the largest container in the house. Remember, no plastic bags should end up in your recycling cart.
Step 5
Show us how you recycle on social media using the hashtag #Recycling101